The Entitle, Inc. Team

We have a team of closers with combined closing experience of more than 100 years. Our people work hard to earn the business and respect by providing exceptional service. They care about their client’s needs, are detail-oriented and professional. Our people go above and beyond in order to make every transaction meaningful, and take care of their customers throughout every step of the closing process. When our closers identify impediments to a closing transaction, they offer assistance and solutions. The Entitle team is family-oriented and they treat their client’s the same. Purchasing a new home is one of the most important events in a person’s life and our people strive to make it a closing experience that everyone can trust.

Ronald J. Walsh, Esq. is the owner of Entitle, Inc., and a licensed practicing attorney since 1987. He has been providing real estate closing and title insurance services since 1999, and has a consortium of lawyers to help our customers with additional needs that may arise after they have moved into their new homes and beyond.

Ron and Sue oversee the company organization and support the team with all their needs.

Our team of Executive Closers includes Tricia, Chris, Laurie, Scott and Becky.

Becky, Kati, Lydia, Dani and Bryan support our Executive Closers throughout the closing process including Closing Disclosures & Disbursing to Orders & Title Commitments.

Team Members

Becky Brandt

phone: 952-426-7328

Becky Polingo-Bock

phone: 952-562-2963

Bryan Magariner

phone: 952-426-7316

Chris Maroschek

phone: 952-426-7322

Danielle Silva

phone: 651-287-7998 

Gary Jacob

phone: 952-426-7323

Kati Rolloff

phone: 952-426-7309 

Laurie Winslow

phone: 952-426-7321 

Lydia Thoreen

phone: 651-287-7997 

Ron Walsh

phone: 952-426-7326 

Scott Jensen

phone: 952-562-2965

Susan Kraemer

phone: 952-426-7303 

Tricia George

phone: 952-426-7327