Entitle, Inc. is a full-service title insurance and real estate closing company that is independently owned and operated. We have been operating as an appointed agent since 1999, closing more than 30,000 transactions involving residential, commercial and investment properties. We are a duly authorized Title Insurance Agent for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company and an independent Title Insurance Agent for Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.

What to Expect at an Entitle, Inc. Closing

Entitle, Inc. will insure the investment of a new home and will guaranty a seamless, convenient and thoughtful closing experience on the purchase or sale of existing real estate. We work hand in hand with other real estate and lending professionals to provide our customers with an exceptional closing transaction.

Why Title Insurance is the Smart Choice with Entitle, Inc.

Purchasing a home is a major decision and the single largest investment many consumers will make in their lifetime. The closing is one of the most important parts of the process. At Entitle Inc., we want to help our customers make the smart choice and guide them through the purchase of an owner’s title insurance policy to help protect their financial investment. An owner’s title insurance policy will help to insure that new homeowner’s bases are covered if any disputes arise after moving in. This one-time fee for an owner’s title insurance policy provides coverage for loss if someone asserts a claim against a new home owner’s property as long as they own the home.

While consumers may rely on their real estate agent or mortgage lender for title company recommendations, homebuyers do have the right to shop around and choose their own title agency or company. With all Entitle Inc.’s transactions, we have earned the business based on referrals from customers and the relationships we have with our agents and lenders.

Entitle, Inc. Cleans up the Past, Issues the Title Insurance, and Provides Seamless Closings

Once the homebuyer has identified Entitle, Inc. as their title insurance company, we will make sure they will have clear rights to their property at time of closing. Our title agents/closers will review prior deeds or mortgages, liens, court judgements, divorce decrees, delinquent taxes, fraudulent claims, utility or other easements, number of previous owners, life-estates, undisclosed heirs and more. To issue the insurance policy, the work is necessary and includes such things as title search, correcting errors, examination, issuing the policy and the closing for consumers. Our goal is to clean up the past, so the future is bright

Prior to the closing, we will select a time and location at one of our offices, or at the lender’s or agent’s office. We’ll provide a checklist of what to bring to the closing, and provide the Closing Disclosure document to review ahead of time so the closing is seamless and goes smoothly for everyone.

The Entitle, Inc. Team

We have a team of closers with combined closing experience of more than 100 years. Our people work hard to earn the business and respect by providing exceptional service. They care about their client’s needs, are detail-oriented and professional. Our people go above and beyond in order to make every transaction meaningful, and take care of their customers throughout every step of the closing process. When our closers identify impediments to a closing transaction, they offer assistance and solutions. The Entitle team is family-oriented and they treat their clients the same. Purchasing a new home is one of the most important events in a person’s life and our people strive to make it a closing experience that everyone can trust.

Ronald J. Walsh, Esq. is the owner of Entitle, Inc., and a licensed practicing attorney since 1987. He has been providing real estate closing and title insurance services since 1999, and has a consortium of lawyers to help our customers with additional needs that may arise after they have moved into their new homes and beyond.